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Custom Display Cases & Lighting in Santa Fe Springs, CA

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We service the entire nation; however, our facility location is in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Our office offers customers a place to view our assortment of retail showcase lighting, security, and hardware products in person. We are always willing to customize any product to the exact dimensions of your needs. When you visit our facility, we will be able to meet with you in person and work together on any sketches, diagrams, or ideas.

Display Your Products in High Quality

We understand just how much of a struggle it can be to find a display case that perfectly fits your unique space. Here at Showcase Components, we can meet that challenge by building custom display cases for you. Display cases protect your merchandise, while presenting everything in a high-end manner.

Shine a Light On your Products

Make your merchandise stand out. We can help you choose the right lighting unit for your display case. By adding showcase lighting, you will be able to put focus on the individual products you want.

Increase Security on Your Products

We understand how valuable your merchandise is and want to protect your goods. Showcase Components door lock systems will provide that peace of mind. We offer a variety of locks that are ideal for every type of display case and give you a newfound sense of security.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

Are you in the Santa Fe Springs area? If so, make an appointment with us today! View our entire collection of showcase lighting, security, and hardware options at our store. For easy-to-follow directions or for the option to fill out our contact form, visit our Contact Us 
page. We look forward to working with you on your custom display cases and providing you with the showcase lighting and hardware you need.