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Ken Lockwood, President of Showcase Components began his full-time career in 1994. He started learning the business from the ground up, doing every possible task from production, sales, marketing, and the financials. After many years of dedication, Ken became a partner with Robert and Arthur Lockwood in 2006. As he progressed up the Showcase Components ladder, Ken worked hand in hand with both his father and uncle to develop and refine every aspect of the business, streamlining operations, launching new products, and cultivating company culture.

In 2010 Ken became President of Showcase Components, a challenge he embraced wholeheartedly as he was tasked with running the business in full. As his responsibilities continue to grow, Ken makes it his mission to address every facet of the business with the values instilled in him by his mentors Robert and Arthur. With years of experience under his belt, Ken continues to lead the Showcase Components team and transform the company into the successful business model it is today.

Ken Lockwood

President of Showcase Components

​​Showcase Components knows its success alone does not exist without its dedicated employees, many who have been with the company for over 15 years. Our experienced office and production staff continue to push the limits on lead times, customer service and precision in all aspects of the business, producing consistent quality outcomes. Our staff cultivates positive company work ethics which in turn creates a positive and successful environment for all of Showcase Components and their clients. 

Since 1978, we’ve provided world-class design solutions with unparalleled standards for store fixture manufacturers domestically as well as internationally.

Our company was founded in 1978 by Robert Lockwood. Our name, Alumafab Corporation back then provided deck plates, lighting fixtures, running boards, and other aluminum accessories for the van conversion industry. In 1983 Robert and his brother Arthur Lockwood started a new division of the company, Showcase Components, which first provided showcase lighting fixtures but quickly grew into a full-service showcase hardware and retail lighting manufacturer. Today, Ken has made it his mission to continue their family’s legacy and provide exceptional quality service and products to clients across the United States. Our company has been family owned and operated since the beginning, and we pride ourselves in providing and maintaining the best possible service and quality for our clients in all areas of the industry. 

 Arthur Lockwood

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Robert Lockwood