Ultralite® Overhead LED Lighting​

Showcase Components is proud to introduce another Ultralite® product to its retail lighting line that is discrete, elegant and provides a focused overhead lighting source for kiosks and retail store environments. With multiple configurations available, this overhead lighting system will offer unlimited design possibilities for your next project.

Showcase Lighting Fixtures

Ultralite® Undershelf LED Lighting
Providing an elegant and directional under shelf lighting system for highlighting featured merchandise. This under shelf lighting system is a wireless, easily adjustable system that works with most major standard and bracket hardware manufacturers.

​Ultralite®​ T6 Rod System 

This light is the perfect solution for lighting glass to glass displays. Slim and elegant fixture mounts to two steel rods. The beauty of the T6 rod is that it blends in and will not take away from the products in the case. 

​​​Manufacturers of Retail Lighting, Hardware and Custom Fabrication 

 Ultralite® Linear LED/Fluorescent Lighting

  Showcase Components has been providing T8/T5 fluorescent lighting dating back to 1978. We continue to manufacture and support the fluorescent line. However, Showcase Components has recognized the demand for change and has been offering the highest quality T8 LED lamp since 2004. In 2011 we released our T6 LED line. This system continues to find new applications for use.

Showcase Components has been manufacturing the Ultralite® family of lighting since 1978. We recognized early on the direction that LED showcase lighting was heading in the retail environment and made sure to stay ahead of the game. We offer a variety LED showcase lighting fixtures, such as undershelf, overhead, and more. We continue to lead the way with customizable LED lighting solutions. Our custom showcase lighting provides elegance and sleek illuminations from standard showcase LED lighting to the most modern envisions of our designers’ needs. 

 Contact us to learn more about our custom showcase lighting options. We look forward to creating your perfect showcase lighting. Whether it’s undershelf or overhead lighting, we have you covered!